Preparing for Property Valuation

Before doing property valuation, it is advisable to prepare for the same. How much is my house? This is one common question that house owners will ask the real estate agents. Preparing for the property valuation will enable you get not only the accurate assessment but also the value of your money. It is, however, important to note that most of the things that can improve the value of your home are all about appearance. There are some housekeeping issues that you may do before you engage the services of the real estate agents.

Critical factors


Firstly, ensure that your house is tidy and clean. This is so obvious, yet many people ignore this vital aspect before qwklmbvxzvaluation. By keeping your house tidy and clean, the best features of your house will be displayed with ease. Secondly, ensure that you get rid of all the clutter in your home. Your home will appear spacious when you de-cluttering it before valuation. This will demonstrate to the real estate agent that there is enough storage room in your home.

Thirdly, ensure that there is no bad odor by removing the rubbish bins and the ash trays. Fourthly neutralize the bright colors with warm colors. Last but not least brighten your home by either repainting or dusting off your home. The other factors that will help you get good valuation for your house include:

Get savvy

Make use of the technology by searching the internet. Search for a recently sold property in your area or the property that is currently for sale in your area. This information is relevant as it will give you a very good idea of the best price that you should lease or sell your house. Secondly, information is power, having prior information before the real estate agent comes will help you ask the relevant questions during the valuation exercise.


This is one area that requires openness and honesty. If there are defects in your home that need fixing, then ensure you point it out to the real estate agent. Do not cover up defects in your home with lies. The relationship that you build with the agent is critical as it will determine the type of engagements that you will have in future.

Point out the best areas

lkmbvxzMake sure that the best areas of your home are displayed to the real estate agent. It is the best bits of your home that will give your home top marks and therefore determine its value. Things like the beautiful fireplace and beautiful ceilings should be shown if they are available.