Factors that Affect the Final Appraisal of your Property

The final appraisal value for your property is facilitated by a number of important factors. You may think that the price of your home depends on its livable condition and age, which of cause are important factors, but in most cases, the final appraisal value of your property will depend on more than just the actual building. This implies that you may have to consider other factors such as the location, security and maybe the parking.  In many cases, a professional appraisal is done on your property so as to support the buying price especially for the all cash buyers.



kkjjkjkjjkjkkjThe location determines the appraisal value in a major way. A professional appraiser will take into consideration things such as; whether the neighborhood is crime free, whether the development is booming or whether the place near good hospitals and schools or maybe within a walking distance from a busy town. All these will be used to determine a fair appraisal value for your property.

The construction quality

The construction quality includes factors such as the material of your home’s foundation; whether it is made of brick, wood or concrete which vary in value. An appraiser will also check for any leaks and the strength of the roof before concluding on the appropriate appraisal value.


The design also plays a major role in determining the final appraisal for your property. In given neighborhoods, you may observe a pattern, with a specific style repeated on every 3 houses or more. Your appraiser will be keen on the design of your home before determining the appraisal price.


Does your property include a garage; how many cars can it accommodate? The garage may also be detached or attached. You may also have a carport and If you reside in an urban place, the home may come with its parking space. This kind of convenience has to be considered when appraising the property value.


gggghhgghggghProperty appraisal also depends on whether your home includes a basement or an attic or even both for storage. Another storage aspect that may be looked at is the space provided by the closets. The amount of storage offered by your house contributes to a high appraisal value for your property.

The above factors are very important for consideration since they ensure successful appraisal of your property. They help you in determining the correct appraisal value for you property.