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Three Important Factors To Consider When Looking For Quality Air Freshener (1)

Three Important Factors To Consider When Looking For Quality Air Freshener

Choosing an air freshener for your business or home can be a really confusing task.

There are thousands of different models in the market and comparing different fresheners can be a daunting process.

These products come in different forms like candles, plug-ins, aerosols and potpourri. Natural fresheners have fewer ingredients like citrus oils and emulsifiers.

Plug-ins are plugged into an electrical socket to send out constant waves of nice fragrant scents.

Gels are found in a jelly-like substance with a fragrance and emit it when they come into contact with air.
But what really what is the best room freshener?

Here are some factors to consider when searching for one;

1. Preferred methodThis is the basic factor to think about.

Some people prefer the ease of an aerosol spray can while others prefer to have a hot oil air freshener.

You can also have an air freshener candle customized with a nice scent though this has an open flame.

So when looking for an air freshener, you need to know how it will be used and by whom.

2. ConceptAir fresheners have two different concepts; instant action and continuous action.

The instant ones are designed to give results in the shortest amount of time possible. They are normally in the form of aerosols or atomizers.

Constant fresheners are designed to give a long last effect to the air. You can get some that are perfume free to mask odors.

3. FunctionAll designs are meant to function in different spaces like drawers or closets.Three Important Factors To Consider When Looking For Quality Air Freshener (3)

Some can be applied in pressure cleaners to remove bad smells and freshen spaces.

There are fabric fresheners available in the market as well and are usually applied to window treatments, chairs and sofas. Fresheners with citrus oil are ideal for places of work, casinos, fitness centers and establishments as they are appealing to both sexes

If you are looking for an all-day background scent, consider a timed spray.

A standard air freshening unit can be obvious, so if you have visitors in your home, invest in a decorative freshener that is designed to blend in with the existing furniture.
In conclusion, despite the good scents these air fresheners emit, they can have some bad side effects.

Some contain phosphates believed to lower the level of testosterone and sperm count in men. They find their way into the body through the nose or skin. It is therefore important to go through the ingredients on the covers to avoid buying those with harmful components.